Sneak Peek for Lexi and Doug

I was thrilled when Lexi said that Doug was going to come along to her Bridals, so we could do his Groomals (yes, a real thing) and formals of them together!!! And I was even more thrilled when she said they wanted them taken at the Salt Flats!!! Although it is quite a drive from South Jordan, it is beautiful and unlike any other place I have seen and their pictures turned out gorgeous!!! The only downside, was the wind, oh the wind!!! Poor Lexi went and got her hair done, only to have the wind blow it every direction possible!!! She still looked gorgeous!!! I can't wait for their wedding next month!! They are the cutest couple together, and so fun!!! Doug is quite the comedian and always gives me pictures to laugh at, of course not useable for the occasion, but funny for them to have and laugh at together too!!! You know what I'm talking about Doug, one word---Hillbilly :)

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Loftus' said...

Love this pic - I just saw the sneak peek of Cali too - so cute! Your comment about her makes me laugh, she was so funny that day with her nervous laugh! I can't wait to see more pics of Lexi and Doug - you have done a wonderful job!