Sneak Peek for The Spencer Family...(my brother and sister in law)

Do you ever see so those pregnant ladies that look so cute, because the only way you can tell they are pregnant is because of their little basketball belly poking through their shirt? Boy was I disappointed when during both my pregnancies I failed to ever reach the "cute" point!!! My sister in law is one of those cute preggers....I can't wait to meet her new little boy, in only one month!!!

See what I mean...gorgeous...pregnant and gorgeous  (sigh)

My Brother in law was such a good sport, he already thinks I am weird so this just gave him more ammo to use against me! That's okay though he was pretty much laughing at me the whole time so I got a natural smile!!! Thanks again for a fun session, and Preston was such a trooper, other than him shivering and his little red nose, you would have never guessed how freezing cold it was outside!! He did awesome, a lot of kids would have thrown a few tantrums and shed a few tears, including my own :)

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