Sneak Peek for Baby Kaitlyn

She was only 6 days old and so cute, fresh and new. You forget how tiny they are when yours are now 3 and 5 years old. I absolutely love newborn sessions. A lot of photographers get stressed and don't like to do them, and I absolutely love it, and would be perfectly content if I only photographed newborns forever. However I love the variety because I love every age and stage of children they are just so sweet and innocent and they are only little for what feels like a blink of an eye!

Little Miss Kaitlyn, was such a good little girl and everytime I said, okay now she is not going to like this tutu, or most babies wake up when I put them in the tea cup... she wanted to prove me wrong and was a complete angel the whole time!

Isn't this the cutest hat!! My sister in law makes such adorable hats! I have had her make me several for photography props, and I love them...Don't worry you can order your own, they are too cute not to have one!!!
Click Here to view her website!

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